Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kanye West won't be charged after he 'settles assault case for quarter of a million'

The Los Angeles District Lawyer has declined to pursue costs from the rap artist following the altercation before this month, claims TMZ.

Based on the site the situation was declined because a 'civil no major harms were documented' and' compromise have been reached'.

The rumor site additionally maintain the 18-year old in issue had become 'un-cooperative' following the resolution.

Kim K Superstar and Kanye snatch a bite to eat

Previously this week TMZ noted that Kanye and the 18-year old had attained an understanding, using the Yeezus star consenting to pay a massive sum as well as the guy not pushing ahead with prosecution.

It stated the sufferer's needs soared throughout their talks, making the ultimate amount supposedly more than $250,000.

She stated: "Properly, that seems like, nearly the same as what I noticed ... I do understand that how it began was this man got actually a whole lot of racial, hateful, terrible things that he was stating.

"Seemingly many times. Really hateful man. And I believe that's where it began. I'm maybe not exactly certain how it finished."

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